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4 year old boy 4 into the skin without sweat pores to itch Figu

? into 40% skin is black, traditional Chinese medicine bath every day 6 hours not to get better.Into 40% skin is black paper / film reporter Zhou Guangcong Linyi Yinan county 4 year old boy into had a disease.
Born into a body, waist and hip of 40% skin hair hard, like cutin,Christian Louboutin Outlet, every itch.In four years, become parents brought him around to see a doctor, but has not confirmed what ill.In order to prevent child because itch scratching himself, one family four years had no sleep sleep.
Children born with a large "black" "children is not normal,Louboutin Shoes, there is a large 'black'."When Cheng Chenggang was born, the doctor put into father Liu Hongtao aside and whispered.Liu Hongtao was a surprise, rushed into the delivery room, the scene in front of him taken: Son of navel, back below middle, until the thigh root segment skin is black.
"We have never seen, suggested taking the children to the city's major hospitals to see."The doctor consoled.Liu Hongtao and his wife Zheng Laimei is holding the child came to Linyi, running the hospital, all the doctors see kids shake their heads.
The morning of August 3rd, Zheng Laimei looked to have sensible into said, "at that time, I think, the child just skin does not look good, perhaps along with the age growth will recover, but did not expect so many years is still not good.
"Check out the etiology, disease baffled doctors in a four months old at the time, Zheng Laimei found a always scratch on the "black" part, and looks very sad."Because the itch,Louboutin Pas Cher, often put him into a scratching, scratching is where one hole, and often will suppurate.
While scratching where recovered after long or 'black'".Zheng Laimei said, see the child suffered such torment, she and her husband had to take the kids around.Zheng Laimei's disappointment, in Ji'nan, Shanghai, Beijing and ran over the big hospital, not to find out the causes of disease.
"Large numbers of physicians looking after they shake their heads, some doctors said that had not seen, some say not cure.Shanghai is a doctor at the hospital after being examined, only that child blackened parts are benign, physical indicators are normal.
"Zheng Laimei said, "but the children what is the disease, not a doctor can explain."In August 3rd, the reporter saw into, he is watching cartoons.Zheng Laimei opens up his son's clothes, the reporter saw: into the blackening of the skin accounts for almost all 40%, touch very hard, as the stratum corneum, "black" and has no normal human skin, the pores.
Traditional Chinese medicine bath had disappeared 6 hours a day "for four years, into a itch scratching, especially at night, often not sleep.The whole family had to take turns in looking after him, one family follow up.
"Zheng Laimei says.Last year, Zheng Laimei found a recipe, into every day to eat traditional Chinese medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine bath, 6 hours a day stay in the water, come down one year to spend 20000 yuan, but it failed to act.
"Into also often said to myself, when I can not itching, when can be with other little friends, shirtless play."Said Zheng Laimei as she shed tears."The child is too much suffering,louboutin, when I see kids because of itching night of sleep,christian louboutin shoes, the whole family with worry.
"Zheng Laimei said, "sometimes watching children were suffering more and more thin, all regret should not want this child.""Hoping to find a cure or medicine man, we can't see him every day so painfully scratching.
"Now, into the family only want to get into get exactly what strange, let the child no longer endure the daily itching.Welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended | micro-blog hot today
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Two young men in holding a samurai sword cross cut

Time: yesterday early morning place: seven Zhongshan road information times dispatch (reporter Xiong Xufan) yesterday morning 6 when make, in Zhongshan seven road at street corner, two young men actually holding a samurai sword cross cut.
The police arrived, two people fled in a hurry.It is reported, one has to surrender after police personnel.Yesterday morning 7 when,Christian Louboutin Outlet, Chang Gung Memorial street corner ground be besmeared with blood, belt, MP3 items such as debris scattered on the ground.
At this time, two fighting men already decamp.Resident Mr. Zhang said,Louboutin Pas Cher, two men were more than 30 years of age,christian louboutin uk, dressed in red, each holding a fifty or sixty cm long with a samurai sword, "from a corner church ran out, one is from seven Zhongshan road there came, they shouted several sound, began to take a knife duel.
"Neighbourhood said, the glint and flash of cold steel, a right thumb appears to be cut off, the other arm of a person in a few knife."A few minutes, two people throw away the knife hand, hold the ball on the ground with each other, grabbed the other throat.
"Neighbor Li Bo said, after 10 minutes, two people stood up, picked up the knife fighting, "a party power is slipping away, started running, another man,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, two people around the side of the road a taxi hit.
"Then, an ambulance arrived at the scene, but the medical staff were not stepped forward.Soon, the two men are fled the scene.A man on a parked bicycle along the road Zhongshan seven escape to, another person to flee to Chang Gung Memorial backstreet.
The residents are known not to know these two men,Louboutin Shoes, why fight does not know.The reporter was informed that, after a man go to the police station to surrender.The event has yet to be a police investigation.
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Truck drivers to avoid a damaged bridge Figure

The scene of the accidentby Yang Kun highway, big truck into pedestrian bridge, bridge collapse ,the driver lucky escape .The day before yesterday about four thirty in the morning ,it happened in the Yu Yibin offspring high speed to Zigong 226 km +836meters.
Accidents caused by the road traffic jam for 4 hours ,the driver said ,he was to escape from a belt suddenly the dog .Appropriate within the high-speed traffic police brigade the traffic police ,the cause of the accident is still under investigation .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;the high way truck severing pedestrian bridge the day before yesterday at about four thirty-five ,which advised the high-speed traffic police brigade of police officers on duty Zhang Jian received within the appropriate speed of a pedestrian bridge is broken alarm, while to the monitoring center and the higher leadership of the report ,while in time to the scene .
Arrived at the scene, the driver from the cab crawled out ,covered in blood ,followed by 120 emergency vehiclesto pick up .Zhang Jian said ,in the confirmation of accident case, police immediately with highway toll company coordination ,on two-way vehicle shunt ,put an end to the two accidents .
From around 5 in the morning ,in the implementation of expressway traffic control ,Yibin to Zigong direction of the car in the station dredge billabong high speed ,Neijiang to Yibin direction of the vehicle in the ZiGong Railway Station ,dredge billabong high speed .
During this period ,the Zigong and Yibin sections of the implementation of traffic control, a suspension vehicle enters high speed .The day before yesterday morning about five thirty ,2 largeaccident operating machinery transport to the site ,on the downstream section ( Zigong to Yibin ) bridge was crushed ,on the upper section ( Yibin to Zigong ) cross bridge sit lifting ,descending segment working very smoothly ,need only after crushing ,the slag shovel to the side can restore the traffic ,ascending segment working difficulty is very great ,as a crane is hanging on the huge monster .
Zhang Jian says, then adds a 25 tons of large crane .The driver climbed out through hedging the license plate number for Yu BC67 × ×bluetruck ,it broken highway pedestrian bridge pillar bridge site ,were left off ,half bridge the ride truck front ,stopped in Yibin to Zigong highway, another half falling completely across Zigong to Yibin the carriageway .
When the accident happened ,because the front sag ,seat forward, deformed front will Wang Hong was jammed ,Louboutin Pas Cher,the upper and lower lip was cut ,I feel with the hand ,the mouth of hot ,know bleed ,dripping blood to fight wet my clothes ,I thought my legs broken .
Wang Hong recalled ,as it was dark ,he worried about the back of a car rear ,will suppress pain ,leg pull out ,through mobile phone light struggled to climb out of the car ,waiting for rescue to the isolation belt .
Subsequently, he call as far away as Chongqing home to Fuling ,a truck driver behind the help he played 120 ,122alarm call.Because of the accident of mouth injuries after the accident ,Wang Hong has not much talk, only short response .
Yesterday afternoon ,when his wife accompanied by Xu Chengyong in Zigong Fourth People re-took the photo inspection ,diagnosis ,fracture of the left leg and Wang Hong glass and marked with a wound ,the lips are cracked glass .
After a day of treatment ,Wang Hong is currently a small amount of speech ,but still couldn the thigh .High speed road is blocked for 4 hours after emergency operation ,the day before yesterday morning about eight ten ,restoration of a carriageway .
But the road at the top of the bridge body is not completely collapse ,is pressed on the truck front ,another one is obliquely inserted in highway slope .At about eight forty ,two cars were 50 tons ,25 tonsof crane into the site ,through the lifting the sedan chair Yibin to Zigong direction of the half bridge ,lifting to expressway guardrail outside ,remove the largest roadblock ;at the same time ,the Zigong to Yibin road bridge residue is rescue Department of clean, smooth pavement restoration .
At nine ten in the morning ,Zigong high-speed road toll station ,began to release Zigong to Yibin direction of the vehicle .Then, the accident vehicle was hauled from ZiGong Railway Station to the park ,to be seized ;construction teams have to put on the side of the road bridge body debris removal .
About nine thirty in the morning ,Zigong toll station ,bridge toll station entrance transportation deregulation ,restoration of normal traffic .At about 3 pm yesterday ,reporters once again came to the scene of the accident Chengdu Daily found ,collapse of the pedestrian bridge and the column has been cleaned ,Yibin to Zigong direction of the middle isolation column have been damaged ,the original bridge was put into the block ,traffic order .
Dialogue driver rescue dog trouble he regretted Chengdu Daily :dogs from which side to leap up ?Wanghong :remember, anyway, very near, suddenly jumped out ,should be from the middle of the isolation belt leapt out of the .
Chengdu Business :the whole process lasted for a long time? Wang Hong :2,3 seconds.Chengdu Business :as an experienced driver ,should know highway cannot strike steering .Wanghong :just instinct ,to avoid, do not want to hit it .
Besides, I don is his direction ,just repaired plates (wheel ) .Chengdu Business :regret ?Wanghong :regret .But I did not hit the beasts ,I want to drive people ,are not willing to hit these ,this is life .
Chengdu Business :now most worried about is what ?Wanghong :loss compensation ,Christian Louboutin USA,if more, I certainly can not afford to pay ,no money is only going to jail .The driver tells the dog out of isolation belt of life road accident 38 year olddriver Wang Hong although coupe for 10 years, but with only 3 years of formal driving experience .
Shortly after he got his driver ,to raise money to buy a large van ,often travel to Yibin and Chongqing . A few minutes before the accident ,I also received a telephone ,christian louboutin uk,driving state is very clear .
Because the car less ,I walk the overtaking lane .Wang Hongtang in bed at the time of memory ,I never kill ,those who drive, more taboo these ,see beast ,will take the initiative to avoid .
I was just instinctively a let . Walk, suddenly shoot out of a dog ,a yellow dog ,I see clearly .Wang Hong always believed himself to look at the dog ,at a distance of a car the distance up to 20 meters,have time to hit the brakes, I instinctively to the left to .
Wang Hong said ,their previous encounter on the road at high speed for dogs cats and other animal ,it is sounded the horn avoidance, hit flyover realized the problem that big, really some regret ,but I really do not have killed a student, can only blame their bad luck .
Wang Hong recalled later, when he discovered that half the flyover of pressure in the side when the cab, and feel some lucky .But mention broken bridge ,the car completely scrapped and a series of problems, Wang Hong was anxious face .
dog cat .Do not eat meat ,often take to the dog .According to Wang Hong wife Xu Chengyong ,every time Wang Hong came home ,first to play with the dog ,dog took lots of pictures before .
If the dog ran out and was hit ,Wang Hong is very sad .Wang Hong Xu Chengyong said ,Wang Hong never kill ,home to have the Spring Festival holidays to kill a duck, is Xu Chengyong . No matter what animal ,has a life ,try not to kill ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,not to hit .
The bed can barely speak Wang Hong whispered .Wang Hong says, accident car is home to buy, has been run by its own separate purchase a car ,bought a total value of about 500000 of the insurance ,at present the accident vehicle basically abandoned ,severing the flyover ,accident clean-up ,there are a lot of cost compensation ,really do not know what to do .
Traffic police reminded the speed direction and step on the brake to avoid driving for Wang Hong said that in order to avoid the dog the cause of the accident, which advised the high-speed traffic police brigade that is still under investigation ,is unclear .
The police in handling cases ,appropriate within the high-speed traffic police brigade director of general office Li Gang introduced ,such traffic after the accident ,according to the site investigation ,inquiry and accident loss comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause of the accident and relevant conclusions ,it is uncertain whether for avoiding obstacle and cause an accident .
Police handling the case of Zhang Jian, the highway driving ,the driver driving experience, often in the face of failure ,choose to slam on the brakes or quick turn of the steering wheel ,which are high speed of taboo ,also lead to high speed road accident reasons .
According to the Ministry of transportation motor vehicle driver training materials ( 2005 Edition) in regulation, when a vehicle runs on an expressway ,suddenly found a person or animal crossing ,decisive take minimal loss avoidance measures .
Emergency avoidance measures should not exceed the limits of necessity ,christian louboutin shoes,cause not due loss .Chengdu Daily reporter Zhou Maomei Zigong News Hotline :welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog
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Man addicted to drinking water such as life daily hundred cattie

When a fever,Louboutin Shoes, so Guangdong Leizhou Town Stone Village Yan Furong and thirsty like life,louboutin pas cher, day water almost one hundred jin,Christian Louboutin USA, one day does not eat drink and food,louboutin, body uncomfortable,christian louboutin uk, do not think, can not work.
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Chef knife after 36 hours of self-mutilation nearly 50 miracle s

After the doctor rescues ,bed King Division has no life danger .After a quarrel with his wife self-mutilation ,still drink to hasten death .36 hours after waking,climbing to the window to call for help .
Operation again feeling out of control, the doctor guidance .Because the quarrel with his wife, 49 year oldchef Wang Ke (a pseudonym ) in the home with a knife cut his nearly 50 knife,a finger cut off ,cut off the left wrist two arteries ,were still neck and more than 10 knife.
36 hours later ,Louboutin Pas Cher,the king of wake up ,found myself not dead .Strong desire to let him cry for help ... ... Alone at home and sulk self-harm after drink half a catty wine yesterday morning, the Armed Police Corps Hospital of Chongqing hand surgery 36 bed.
Wang Ke came back to say the first sentence is hard to love a person .He had no idea he was still alive ,remember the Dutch act ,is cruelty to yourself some .Wang Ke lives in the South Bank of the district billiards stone of ditch ,ditch in Naxi a restaurant as a chef .
19 year old son studying in the field, in the home only he and his wife .Late on the night of March 24th ,Wang Ke alone at home, and his wife after the quarrel had half a month did not come home .
After a few days ,the king ,has been to his wife Wang Nian (a pseudonym ) call ,louboutin,his wife every time to pick up the phone, do not say where she .Wang Keyue thought more angry ,feeling humiliated .
In the evening, not the reason Wang Ke from the kitchen and the kitchen knife .Wang Ke is sitting on the couch in the living room ,placed around half did not finish 60 degreesof wine ,full 250 ml(about half a catty) .
Everything is ready ,Wang Ke drank wine ,raised his knife on his hand down ... ... Wang Ke was the wife of bites, he cut off his right index finger ,then injured his right to cut off his left hand .
Pain is numb ,his knife knifed down, to cut lots of knives ,until the left hand does not feel ,to lift .Next, the king family with a knife to his neck out ,a little perceived no ,hand is bleeding, has no strength .
Wang Ke holds to death ,in his own head off ,then no strength .Finally, the king ,put down the knife ,the side made it all . Liquor to accelerate blood circulation ,so that it will go faster .
Blood does not stop in the stream ,alcohol began to take effect .Wang ,close your eyes ,sleeps ,the light is a little faint ,waiting for his own slowly dying ... ... 36 hours after heawakens to discover that I was still alive I do not know how long after ,the king of wake .
He began to have a strong desire to live .Because the wrist was almost cut off ,his foot will be near the mobile phone to hook into the side ,but found that mobile phone is the blood hit ,had been shut down .
Help !Help. Wang Ke tried to call for help ,hope someone heard .But he has not heard cries for help .At this time, his wrist was still bleeding .Wang Keyong did not hurt his feet on the ground ,climbing to the window ,breaking the glass ,continue to call for help .
Boss Wang Ke two day without work ,telephone hotlines, find an employee to find him .Colleagues arrived at Wang Ke ,to see him in distress ,immediately call the boss .Subsequently, the king ,was taken by ambulance to the hospital of armed police forces .
At this time, is already at noon on March 26th ,Wang Ke Dutch act time at least 36 hours. It will survive, is a miracle .The doctor said .Systemic cut nearly 50 knifeknife to harm in Armed Police Hospital Organization hand and foot surgery ,trauma ,brain specialist joint consultation .
Hand and foot surgery doctor Zhang Xuesong said ,Wang Ke is blood ,wound blood has solidified .Wang Ke left wrist radial artery and colt artery rupture, wrist tendon cut more than 10 ,more than 10 marks;the head also has more than 10 wound,each wound with repeat mark ,the deepest reaches the skull ,a length of 3 to 10cm range;the right hand forefinger cuts down, leaving only the flesh .
The risk is on the neck that blade !Wang Ke on the right side of the neck wound there are 20 cm long ,repeated more than 10 knife,wherein a knife from the carotid artery is only 5 mm .
Zhang Xuesong said ,should not the king ,no strength to the final cut ,will straight key ,died on the spot .Zhang Xuesong king after doctor consultation ,back straight sweating: nearly 50 knife,cut is crucial !In despair he operation again doctor has taught him to hear Wang Ke seriously ,again desperate for life .
At this time, the king of the blood has been reduced to 78 grams,very dangerous .He needed an operation at once ,blood transfusion ,blood vessel ,tendon suture are simultaneously . I don want to live ,doctor .
Operation table, no general Wang Ke says to the doctor . You have 36 hours have no dead, now give up too bad .The doctor consoled him . You have a son ,and old mother !The doctor told the king division ,Dutch act is impulsive and selfish choice ,is to love his people a heavy blow .
In the operation room,Christian Louboutin USA, after more than two hours of special psychological counseling ,Wang Ke had to survive the desire .At this point, the doctor for him a general anesthesia ,stitch his wrist .
Late on March 26th ,after more than 7 hours of operation ,the king was launched ,operation room .After 36 hourslive break records the king division already out of danger ,Zhang Xuesong said ,that the miracle ,broke many records in the hospital .
First of all ,the king family in blood loss of more than 30 hours afteralso miraculously survived .Wrist radial artery and colt artery any artery was cut off, are likely to cause death .
Wang Ke to the hospital when the wound blood coagulation ,might be the coagulated blood sealed the wound ,to make it longer bleed .Secondly ,the finger off ,8 hoursis the best time of reimplantation .
But in 26 hours, as long as the well preserved ,can also replantation .Wang Ke is severed at more than 30 hours after theoperation ,the success .Probably because the king division index is not completely cut off ,there is still some flesh ,blood capillaries ,let finger necrosis to slow down .
In addition ,this also with recently the temperature is not high on the .Husband :wife of self-mutilation behind usually too hard in 2004 ,said Wang Ke ,a divorce after friends introduced to the king to read .
When love, Wang Nian washing ,cooking ,is diligent .The king Niangan before selling ,then do insurance ,very capable .Wang Ke said ,king to read only drawback ,is that he and his family didn contact .
Love a year later ,two people to get married .After marriage, king of monthly pay to the king to read .His wife ,Wang Department every day to use the home phone made a phone call to her whereabouts ,report .
Every afternoon 1 when,the king family are going home phone . I simply have no freedom .Wang Ke said ,his wife gave him only 300 yuanper month ,drinking ,smoking ,some small ,Wang Ke only very thrifty .
Wang Ke said ,this fight is caused by house decoration .In February 26th, they located south of demolition housing decoration ,the wife says no money .Wang Ke said ,his wife account with two suites ,nearly a month has 2000 yuanrent income ,wife and work ,can saved .
The sole may be :King to read did not intend to live with yourself .Two people quarrel ,the king of Shangjie in March 8th ,to buy things ,and then not home .Wife :he is to let him drink less before one thirty in the afternoon ,the reporter to the king to read to call .
Wang Nianting reporter about her husband afterwards, burst into tears .The next call 20 minutes,Wang Nian had been crying ,thinking there is not clear . I would be good for him .Wang Nian said ,the husband likes to drink, drink a catty .
The king was in charge of strictly ,let him drink only two two day .And Wang Nian said ,two people of husband and wife relationship is very good ,Wang Ke also loved her ,anything to her ,but to drink a changed man ,want to quarrel ,hit .
To love a person is too difficult !I am too spoil her !Wang Ke tells a reporter ,he wanted to know ,want a divorce .Wang Ke wanted his wife to the hospital say clearly ,two good .The experts are not good from couple to find their own reasons Chongqing psychological crisis intervention center expert Zhu Wanli said ,in Wang Ke self-harming this matter ,he and his wife are wrong .
Zhu Wanli ,Wang Ke couples are not good at to find their own reasons ,louboutin pas cher,always put the contradiction causes blamed each other .From the respective view ,both sides have a reason, overgeneralization didn really understand each other .
Wang Ke thought his wife too hard, the woman in the treatment relationship between husband and wife no respect .Wang Keye was wrong ,excessive drinking is the spiritual dependence ,easy loss of self .
Zhu Wanli introduces ,see not hard ,this marriage also has feelings ,feelings are not completely broken, but in need of repair .City marriage experts remind ,between husband and wife should be mutual tolerance ,mutual accommodation ,mutual trust ,mutual help ,one is noisy not stand ,tolerate ,take a step ,that is as boundless as the sea and sky .
In addition ,the wife of her husband ,as long as it bad ,Louboutin Shoes,it is too afraid to lose him .Encountered such a wife ,the husband should and talk to her .If she really is the unreasonable situation ,also suggested that her husband consider the reasons ,is it right? Your own fault .
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